Newborn Photography

Newborn Baby Abigail

The photographer offers two types of newborn photography – posed in a studio and lifestyle.  We absolutely love both for different reasons.  However, for us is very important to make sure that our clients know what type of newborn photography sessions they want. That’s why we consult you before booking a newborn photography session.

Our Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are meant to be a little more casual in style. The lifestyle photography is generally staged at the client’s house. The photographer uses natural light only… so you’re in the right place if you’re looking for natural light photographs. We highly recommend to parents to hire the photographer when their baby is 5 – 10 days old. Newborn photography sessions are available in West Palm Beach, Miami and Kendall area.

Price Inquiry & Booking

 Flash drive is delivered to the client 2-5 business days after the photo session. Client chooses which photographs they wish to be edited. Edited photographs are delivered to the client 3-5 weeks after. Edited photographs are delivered by email.

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