Katerina Krjanina Miami Wedding Photographer

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Katerina Krjanina Florida Photographer

Moments that Captivate Your Heart

My love for weddings is a complex thing. All that fairy tale that inspires me – my passion for a great story, for lovely things, and my desire to create a beauty.  A perfect dress, Cinderella shoes sparkles in bride and groom’s eyes – that’s why I’m a wedding photographer. It’s my job and privilege to capture those moments so you can cherish them forever.

Katerina Krjanina Miami Photographer

Katerina Krjanina is a hi-end wedding and bridal photographer in Miami Florida. She is a professional wedding photographer in South Florida and the owner of JeKaterina Krjanina Photography & Wedding Photographer Palm Coast Studios. She is incredibly blessed to photographed wedding for the past 10 years and had an honor to photograph many great people during these years.

This time Katerina is available for travel and welcome US and International destination weddings.

Florida Photographer

State of Florida blessed us with a beautiful parks and trails which are great for Wedding, Engagement and Family Photography. Gorgeous white sand Florida beaches are perfect for Wedding and Engagement photography. Katerina will be glad to assist you and provide outstanding photographs for any life occasion!

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